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I do Python programming on Linux and maintain a couple of servers. I'm a former MacOS programmer with some MSWindows experience, (see Resume). send email without queuing

Use Python's smtplib and pydns to directly send email without queuing, to allow reporting a bad address to a user. source code

Python read-only access to old MacOS Resources on Linux, MOSX, or other platforms, including AppleSingle/AppleDouble files, /rsrc on MOSX, and __MACOSX/ directory trees in ditto archives.

geordy_backup for rotating rsync backups (Linux)

geordy_backup uses rsync to make four-hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly (remote) backups, and runs on Linux.

App Icon  WMP Volume Keys utility app (Windows)

Control Microsoft's Windows Media Player volume and mute from your keyboard, even when Windows Media Player is not in front or is minimized, even if your keyboard has no Mute, Lower Volume, or Raise Volume keys. If your keyboard has those keys, make them control Windows Media Player directly, instead of changing the main volume and mute.

TrayButton source code (Windows)

Use TrayButton.cp to allow your application to minimize to either a Taskbar button or to a Taskbar Notification ("SysTray") icon. TrayButton can use either a Tool window to hide the Taskbar Button or not change the window style. Usage is simple. TrayButton subclasses your window, and takes care of all the work.

App Icon  Lines & Bubbles toy app (Windows, MacOS)

I wrote Lines, and then Bubbles, back in 1985, for the then-new Apple Macintosh computer, and it caused some excitement then, in those simpler days. Now, 20 years later, here are Lines and Bubbles, together in one application, for Mac and Windows.

App Icon  Apple Shaped Windows toy app (Windows, MacOS)

I wrote Apple Shaped Windows back in 1985, to demonstate my sk!11z by writing a WDEF with an unusual shape. Like Lines, it also caused some excitement then. Now, 20 years later, here is a Windows version.

MakeDist programmer's utility (Windows)

MakeDist is a VBScript utility I use to automate Making a Distribution: it makes a backup of the project, copys the executable and optionally the source to my distribution folder, with unneeded files removed, and then zips everything up.

apropos2 GNU man package enhancement (Linux)

Apropos2 is a more useful version of the GNU apropos command (man package) that prints only entries matching all search words.

stablemirror Yum plugin (Linux)

Stablemirror is a plugin for yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified) as used in Fedora Core 5, that ensures that yum chooses a stable, working, up-to-date mirror.

rpm_verifydb Verify RPM's database each day (Linux)

Rpm_verifydb is a script in cron.daily to verify the RPM database as used on Fedora and other Redhat-type Linux systems and rebuild it as needed.

reposinsync Yum mirror sync tester (Linux)

Reposinsync is a tool to check whether the mirrors for yum repositories are working and up-to-date.

gtapecalc RPM packages for gtapecalc (Linux)

gtapacalc is a tape calculator in GTK for which I have made Fedora-compatible packages.

ramfile card file program (Python, Linux, Windows)

Ramfile is a card file program with easy, useful searching, that runs on Linux and Microsoft Windows.

fastcharmap Python extension module (Python)

Fastcharmap provides faster charmap codec decode and encode for Python 2.3 (and 2.4?).

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I'm not that much with HTML, but I've tried to make a web page that will display properly in a wide range of Web Browsers, without a lot of compatibility issues. Here's how I did it.


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