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George A. Nelson


Veteran, Fedora Linux (from FC3), CentOS, Debian Squeeze, Python, email, bash, MySQL, C, PHP, Javascript, Perl, Java. 16 years MacOS programming in C/C++, 68K & PPC Assembler. 2 years Microsoft Windows XP programming.


Musicworks 11/06-date
Maintain, upgrade, and administer servers and custom forum software in Java, replaced by my MailForum email- and web-based forum software in Python, mod_python, MySQL.

Steve Sisak (6/99 - 4/01)
USB and Firewire Device Drivers for Still and Video cameras, for various OEM customers.

Kiara, Inc. (9/97)
Mac AppleEvent code, to control Finder.

Rich Schwartz (contractor to Lotus Development Corp., Inc.) (3/97)
Mac AppleEvent, file I/O, and AppleSingle code for use in Mac Lotus Notes.

Musicworks, Inc. (contractor to Guitron, Inc.) (12/96 - 11/97)
Chord guitar prototype in C++ and OMS, as a MIDI program on MacOS.

ECI, Inc. (10/92 - 11/96)
Macintosh port of CollegeLink.

Microworlds, Inc. (3/88 - 8/92)
Author of S**4 and MicroWorlds Creator (Systems Dynamics, DYNAMO compiler, 68K native code gen, C code gen). 16-bit DLL in Borland C++, Visual Basic shell for model presentation (Microsoft Windows 3.1).

Metriplex, Inc. (9/88-11/88)
McPage, to send pages via Alphanumeric Paging Services.

Boston Software Publishing, Inc. (4/87 - 3/88)
Maintained MacPublisher. Designed and prototyped a successor to MacPublisher.

G. O. Graphics, Inc. (7/86 - 10/86)
Assisted with MacNav, a nautical chart display program.

Cognition Technology (2/86 - 5/86)
Debugged MacSmarts, an Expert System shell.

Musicworks, Inc. (5/85-11/99)
Mac port of MusicLand. Maintain and enhance MegaTrak and Virtuoso Pianist in 68K assembler. C++ port of Virtuoso Pianist.


Software Arts, Inc. (3/85)
Last person hired. Software Arts sold to Lotus one week later.

Dartmouth College (9/79 - 6/83)
Student Applications Programmer for Kiewit Computer Center Telecommunications, maintained and rewrote the Trouble-Report Submission and Tracking program for over 1000 terminals, in Dartmouth BASIC on the DTSS.

Dartmouth College (7/79 - 8/79)
Telecommunications Repair Technician at Kiewit Computer Center.

US Navy (6/73 - 6/79)
Electronics Technician, USS Fort Snelling. Crypto, VHF and UHF Radio, and RADAR.

Other Programming Experience

RamStart, an award-winning RAM disk program from the early days of the Macintosh. Tony's Shell. Free PowerPC Assembler for use with Metrowerks Codewarrior. Apple-Shaped Windows. Simple animation programs Lines and Bubbles. Windows WMP Volume Keys and TrayButton.

Hardware Experience

Designed and built 1802-based microcomputer, with KC-standard and high-speed cassette tape I/O, and DMA and interrupts for the display. Ohio Scientific 6502 board. TVTypewriter2.


AB in Computer Science from Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, '83. Engineering courses include Systems Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, and Materials Science.


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