A yum plugin to ensure a stable, working, up-to-date mirror


Download stablemirror tarball for F7, F8 / yum 3.2

Download stablemirror tarball for FC6 / yum 3.0

Download stablemirror tarball for FC5 / yum 2.6


Stablemirror is a plugin for yum (Yellowdog Updater Modified) as used in Fedora Core Linux, that ensures that yum chooses a stable, working, up-to-date mirror. It was inspired by all the chaos when using yum during periods of frequent updates, as griped about on the fedora-list.

Stablemirror builds and maintains an ordered list of mirrors in the file /var/cache/yum/stablemirrors. This file can be edited if you do not like the order of mirrors. Stablemirror will make yum start each repository's downloads with the same mirror each time. This alone will bring stability to yum. Stablemirror will fail over to other mirrors in the same order each time. Stablemirror checks that the first mirror is at least as up-to-date as the last time yum was run, and that every other mirror used has the same date as the first mirror.

Stablemirror provides working Ctl-C handling during downloads, in a way that I belive is safe for the underlying RPM database.


Stablemirror is installed from a tarball:

$ tar xfvz stablemirror-<version>.tar.gz
$ cd stablemirror-<version>
$ su
# cp /usr/lib/yum-plugins/
# cp stablemirror.conf /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/


Stablemirror will be used automatically by yum, which will display "Loading 'stablemirror' plugin" on startup.

More information is available in

$ pydoc ./


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