A version of GNU apropos that winnows down.


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This is my first RPM package and there may be bugs!

Apropos2 is a replacement for the GNU apropos command that winnows down its responses when given more than one search term. The apropos in man repeatedly prints everything that matches each search term. (The apparent similarity between apropos and whatis led to them being the same script.) Apropos2 is equivalent to "apropos word1 | grep -i word2 | ... | grep -i wordn", but with better error messages.

I hope that apropos2 is accepted by the GNU/Linux community and becomes part of the standard GNU man distribution, as a new version of apropos.


Download and install the RPM in the usual way. Note that the original apropos is untouched; installation sets up an alias from apropos2 to apropos and removal removes the alias.

rpm -i apropos2-1.0.0-1_GAN.noarch.rpm


Apropos2 is used like apropos (though with better results ;), and can be invoked as either apropos or apropos2:

apropos word...
apropos2 word...

apropos2 has a tiny man page, like apropos:

man apropos2


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