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Ramfile is a card file program with easy, useful searching, written in Python for GTK. It runs on Linux, and also runs on Microsoft Windows if GTK is installed, in Python 2.3 and 2.4.

Ramfile was inspired by Bill Atkinson's Quickfile program on the Macintosh, a simple, fast card file program. This new version for Linux and Microsoft Windows can use Mac RamFile and Quickfile documents, and also mbox (EMail) files, and other text files.

Ramfile, and Quickfile before it, search for the words you type, as words, not as entire strings, so the words can be in any order on a card. A card file can be a convenient substitute for being organized, as information placed in cards can be easily found again, even much later. I'm not an organized person, and a pile of cards is just about as far as I want to go in getting organized.


Ramfile is installed from a normal Python source tarball:

$ tar xfvz ramfile-<version>.tar.gz
$ cd ramfile-<version>
$ su -
# python setup.py install

On Linux, you will need (but probably already have) Python, PyGTK, and GTK. Binary packages for each of these are probably part of your distro and can be installed using its tools.

On Microsoft Windows, you will need Python, PyGTK, and GTK.


ramfile <filename>...
ramfile -h

Instructions are available under Help menu Contents. In general, if ramfile is started without a document, it tries to open QuickData.txt in your home directory, making a new empty one if it can't find it. Ramfile shows one card at a time. Search for a card by typing words into the upper "Find" text box and pressing Enter. Move to the next card by clearing the "Find" box and pressing Enter. Go or search backward by pressing Shift-Return. Click on the card and type to edit the current card. Add a new card with Edit menu Add Card.


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